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Live Music, Food & Beer

Sunnyside Music Fest is a free, family-friendly one-day annual event located in Denver Colorado.

The Sunnyside Music Festival provides free music, fun entertainment, local food, lots of beer, and kids activities to the greater Sunnyside neighborhood of Northwest Denver via an inclusive all-day music festival in Chaffee Park. Through community outreach, it supports musicians, artists, businesses, schools and non-profits.

In 2000, the (then named) Sunnyside Bluegrass Festival began in the backyard of a neighborhood couple who wanted to have a free music festival for their friends and neighbors. It started with 2 bands, 2 kegs, 50 people and about 20 dogs.

This is not only our favorite event of the year but one of our favorite creative endeavors. We live it and breath it and wouldn't miss it for anything in the world! 

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