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Raising the Spirits of Children

Tess Scanlon Phillips and Page Phillips lost their tiny son to an incurable, degenerative disease called spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) five months after he was born. Though devastated, the couple refused to crumble, embarking instead on a constant quest to live every moment in tribute to their son, Cash Scanlon Phillips. In January of 2008, joined by a fervent following of family and friends who called themselves “Team Cash,” the couple launched the first ever Concert for Cash.

Six concerts later, Concert for Cash has raised nearly $150,000.  With these funds the Foundation has built the much-loved Healing Garden at Children's and has provided support for other programs at the Hospital including the Bereavement Program, the International Adoption Clinic and the Heart Program.

We follow and sponsor CSPF because we love the cause, we love Tess & Page & we LOVE their events! 

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